A lot of you people might wonder why getting DIY Travel or DIY Traveling will make you broke, so I listed my couple of tips and explanations. There are some disadvantages and advantages for getting a travel agency, and we will discuss it as you read this article further.

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Travelling is what most of us desires, a long vacation after all the stress from our busy life.

So why DIY Travelling sometimes can eventually makes us broke?

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Unfamiliar Places:

Over the years there are tons of tips on how you can save more from traveling just by doing DIY Travel. Yes you can budget your money much wiser and flexible. But the main problem we need to face is planning or setting an itinerary on a place we didn’t know.

Getting around the area is tough, exhausting and time consuming. It might eat a lot of budget in transportation.

My tip for you guys, if you already know the place and you’re already there, there’s no purpose of getting a Travel Agency to make your travel itinerary, DIY Travel is the perfect option for you.

But if you will be doing it the first time, you should consider taking a trusted Travel Agency to arrange your itinerary for you.


Back in Cebu
Getting around in City is very tough especially on rush hours, we really appreciate the Van Transfers that makes our trip super convenient and hassle free.

Calculating, all the taxi fares, jeeney fares, habal habal and other mode of transportation covering our whole itinerary would cause us a lot.

Field Activities:

Advantages and Disadvantages will come into play in this category, for DIY Travel you have the full control of your time and itinerary that  usually depends on your budget, no one will dictate your time and the places you want to go to, disadvantage however one of the downside, you will not be on the priority list for most part of field activities. This happens when we visit Oslob for whale watching, usually the priority are on the groups that are being catered by their partnered Travel Agencies, and the ones without group are the least priorities and the last batch to go in the boat.

For travel agency however, the advantage is tremendous, given the specific amount of time they can arrange the most visited places in the area, like I said you’ll be listed in the priority groups for any outdoor activities. They will tour you around for they visited the places many times, and the real plus is that you have the leverage to leave your things in the Van provided by the Travel agency. Disadvantage would be the limited time alloted in every stops and the itineraries are absolute, however in our case, our travel agency is so flexible that extension of time is possible, and we had the chance to cancel one of the trips due to exhaustion and decided to rest.

Value for Money:

So here’s the thing, many of us are skeptical in travelling far places and to the places we’re not comfortable with. I get that, I felt that the same way however with the right “budgeting”, “planning” and “preparation” you’ll never feel breaking the bank from it.

Here’s my take on this:

If you are visiting the place for the very first time, I will strongly recommend to get a Legit Travel Agency, cheap with reasonable price. You can either choose a private or joiner package, anything that would suit your budget.

Our trip was made possible by CBU Travels, all I can say that I was doubtful at first but in my surprise, getting a Travel Agency that would plan your travel itinerary is not a bad idea.

If you already visited the place and will comeback, DIY Travelling is best option.

So how we successfully made our trip without breaking the bank?

The answer is simple: Budgeting and Planning.

We booked our flight 3 months ahead from our travelling dates, and hit a jackpot to get an airline ticket at a lower price.

Next is we searched for cheap Travel Agency that specialize in the area which is CBU Travels, you can search them in Facebook or see the description box for the full details.

And last is saved money for 3 months, funding the travelling that does not covered by the travel agency such as  snacks, pasalubongs and emergency funds during the travel.

Believe it or not, our pocket money of 5K for 5 Days in Cebu is enough with money left after the trip.


Getting a Travel Agency that would organize and plan your trip is not a bad idea. It works for both of us, as we like a convenient and fun trip. 

CBU Travels literally makes our ideal Cebu Trip memorable and super worth it, without breaking our banks and saves us a lot of money.

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

Nicole Kelvin

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

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