Travel Memes That Every Traveler Can Relate To

Memes are part of our everyday lives, you can see it everywhere on social media. Sometimes it’s hilarious and indirectly attacking someone on your feed and that makes sense. Memes are mostly timely and relatively, depending on what’s trending online.

There are tons of memes that define our mood, our current love life status, our job struggle and more. And one of the most liked memes are about travel, since most people right now choose to travel or go on an adventure.

Here are some of the memes I collected from various sites that I am pretty sure everyone can relate to.


Definitely, every traveler’s reaction when the reservation on hotel and a flight was booked!

My Two Moods!

When people expect me to be calm, I’m sorry I’m not!

When someone says”let’s go for an adventure”.

Me: Sure! Alpaca my bags now!

Travelers always want to look good on pictures and a good outfit is definitely a must!

When someone says pack light we do this.



Memes for Single People (this one is for me)

When someone asks about your relationship status.

Where to go next?

All dolled up but since it’s still a long way to go, a nap happens and that’s me when we arrived!

I’m guilty, I took the other toiletries as well! It’s paid BTW.


You don’t need to be rich to go to places, Girl!

Reality on Travel

Sad Truth!

Photos from

The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

Renaleth Landicho

The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

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