The Hidden Paradise In The Mountain Of Bataan You Deserves To See – Sinagtala

Sinagtala Wrap-up

If you like to experience a cool breezing and relaxing stay at the top of mountain ranges in Bataan, Sinagtala is definitely the best getaway you need.

3 hours drive from Manila, you can find “Sinagtala” a beauty on top of the mountain. It is rested 500 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mt. Natib, one of Bataan’s highest peaks. Sinagtala is a 55-hectare property adjacent to the Bataan National Park.

The area of Sinagtala is developed to be a leisure getaway for people who are young in hearts, finding peace and relaxation throughout their trip. The most notable feature of Sinagtala is the 5 houses established in the vicinity.

Houses feature unique structural features and facilities that will awe their visitors. In our case we checked-in at one of their houses called “Tampay” House in which the part of our room is still under construction.


Our stay in the room is not that we expect, but we have to keep in mind that we are advised that the room was located in the building that is being constructed. There are a lot of things that are not present in the room which you expect in most hotels.

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room view from the sinagtala outside garden


Although the room was not perfect and all, the room service is the star in our visit. We felt royalty through the quality of service. Staffs are very accommodating and nice, every request coming, are well taken care of. The amount of care in their guests erases the fact that we dislike the room in the first place.


Location is everything, and their swimming pool hits the right spot. We enjoyed our swimming sesh in their 2 public infinity swimming pools located just right the edge of the cliff of the mountain.

Kids and parents can enjoy the pool, you will not be worrying the depth of the waters. Mountain ranges, blue skies and greeneries will satisfy your eyes as you swam across the infinity swimming pools. Food and Drinks are not allowed near the swimming pools but there are cottages where you can enjoy the feasts and snacks just a few meters away from the pools.


If you are pretty focused of what Sinagtala can offer in terms of food and beverages, worry not for they have the “Sinagtala Cafe”. The Sinagtala Cafe has a large selection of menus to offer. The foods are fresh and hot when served, tastes are oriental and savory which is surprisingly cooked especially in a remote place like “Sinagtala”.

Aside from their General Cafe, there are some cafes around the property and most of the houses has their own unique cafes. For the guests looking for food and drinks you are in the right place.


Here’s our vlog in Sinagtala if you prefer more in visual presentation of Sinagtala.

Part 1

Part 2

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Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

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