10 Signs You Need To Travel

Have you been fed up with the social norm of being busy all day, grinding in the work place trapped with duties and responsibilities? As we grow older we tend to distance ourselves in a playful environment, we focus all our energy and time in things that we are forced to do. Traveling can boost up our health, according to researchers people who travel twice a month are more proactive, healthy and creative compared to other people who don’t travel much.

As a health check just like detecting symptoms of a sickness, we compiled the 10 signs you need to travel.

1.) Stress after stress

This could be one of the obvious symptoms you can get. You are not getting any fresh air, suffocated by pressure and emotionally unstable. Having stress in life makes you vulnerable in some health problems such as heart disease, obesity and worst could be premature death.
2.) Loss of Focus

A clear mind makes good decisions. One way to detoxify your mental health is traveling. It provides a temporary get away from your cluttered mind giving you enough time to organise your thoughts and see things holistically in different perspective.

3.) Being socially distant

When you feel like there’s no fun in anyone’s company especially with your loved ones, this could destroy a good and healthy relationship that has been built in the past. You prefer to be alone because you think none of these things would help you with your personal problems. You’re comfort zone becomes lessen and lessen overtime to the point that you prefer to keep everything that bothers you to yourself.

4.) Continuous Depression

10-Signs-You-Need-To Travel

Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. Long term depression could lead you to suicidal stage, this could come from stress at work, unhealthy relationships and sometimes no apparent reason at all. Traveling opens many possibilities and may help to reduce your unusual depression.

5.) Watching too much media

Sometimes abuse or excess of things can be dangerous to you, try to study yourself how much time you put on watching different media platforms. This could be a potential threat to your wellness. Since you are unattached with the reality, triggered by your depression you seek non-existent world such as television, movies and etc. You forget to live your life to the fullest and instead you invest your time to things that will not contribute for greater good.

6.) Aggressiveness towards everything

This sign is a complete reflection of your desperation to be happy. You’re always aggressive in things that are not even worth your attention.

7.) Repetitive Lifestyle


We all do experience this, programmed by day to day experience in life. Try different things such as traveling, you might now know you can learn a thing or two.

8.) Envious and constant comparison with someone’s life

The feeling of worthlessness, discontented with what you have is the primary reason why we ask for more and in the end we still feel empty which eventually turns to sorrow. Traveling is a very fulfilling experience it is a wide opener of things we usually take for granted.

9.) Sudden change of personality

This can be connected to depression and stress, the moment we are consumed with loneliness and sadness change of personality is inevitable. Confusion of identity could be achieved in this process to the point we don’t know ourselves anymore.

10.) Attention seeker

The sign that you usually manifests when we don’t love ourselves anymore, we tend to seek the attention of others, self-respect is no longer there anymore. This could be probably many of us are experiencing when we are faced with great boredom.


If you have observed of the signs mentioned above, we urge you to plan a travel now. Do it for yourself other than anyone else, you’ll be surprised how many things you don’t know yet, you’ll see a world of full of possibilities. You’ll feel contentment in love, positivity and gratitude towards life.

10 signs you need-to travelTraveling is one of the things, that will break the chain of self-doubt. It awakens our playful and imaginative minds, eliminating any negative feelings. It breaks the barrier of your ever decreasing comfort zone, take a risk go to places you’ve never been before and conquer the heights of your fears. Grab that personal reward!

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

Nicole Kelvin

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

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