Juanderers: 7 Things You Might Need For Travel

Every Juan loves to wander places they’ve never been; it’s a major trend nowadays. This trait can be rooted from the fact that our country consists of thousands of islands with beautiful sceneries to offer and numerous tourist attractions. Social Media on the other hand, also have a huge influence to the urge and desire of each individual to travel as many as they can while they are young and able and equipping yourself a travel gears is a must have.

Travel agencies, campaigns and advertisements flocked in the web attracting and exposing the beauty of their local and international tourist attractions that they can offer to their audience. Some may have a second thought to engage for vacation travels because of great expenses that may cost them throughout the trip.

The truth is you just need to be gumptious [madiskarte] and plan ahead of time to save a lot of money for your expedition. One of the things you need to consider in order to save a lot of money is to invest travel gears and gadgets but you don’t need the expensive ones. As long as it serves its purpose to help you on your travel and will endure any weather conditions that will be worth it, there’s no harm in being practical. We breakdown all our lists to help you decide for your gears and gadgets, details below as follows:

1.) Point-to-shoot- Camera

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-1The number one on our list  isthe camera. We all know the main reason for this travel is to make unforgettable memories, which will last. But sometimes we failed to choose the right ones. To counter misfortunes ahead, your camera should withstand any weather conditions such as heat, moisture and wet environment. Pick the ones with good aperture in any ambient condition, whether you are capturing in low-light or in light exposure.


2.) Tripod

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-2Having a good tripod will complement your point-to-shoot camera, given that some tripods are not convenient to bring in to travel however there are several tripods that are portable mostly 7-8 inches tall with legs designed flexible for unusual mounting positions. One good example of these portable tripods is the “Tripod Octopus”.





3.) Electric Stove / Cooker

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-3Traveling can be expensive especially with the choice of food you’ll be bringing or even going to a restaurant. If you’re one of the practical individuals that want to cook their own food with minimal cost and effort, bringing a portable cooker will be ideal to have especially if you’ll be going for hiking/trekking in the woods or in a remote location. Choose a portable cooker that will fit perfectly in your travel backpack and easy to deploy when the need arises.




4.) Power Bank

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-4The gadget that will support your other gadgets, this is a must have especially when travelling outside the urban community with no electricity to charge up all your other gadgets. One thing you need to consider when buying power banks is their capacity to store huge amount of power [mAh], size of the item and the durability. For the connectivity make sure to have a Multi-Purpose USB Cable to supplement the efficiency of your power bank.


5.) Jackets / Clothing

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-6There are a lot of jackets available in the market but only the most efficient product is a must for travel. Baubax Company releases their jacket prototype product to the consumers which has a promising features; neckpillow, eyemask, earphone holders, drink pocket, gloves, potable charger pocket, microfiber cloth and many more to mention. Having all these features in one product is a good investment to make.

6.) Survival Tools/Kit

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-5Yes, you already know what it is but are you sure you have the right items at your disposal? Having an emergency or uncomfortable situation while on travel can turn things around, having the right tools/kit will save your day from worst to best. A good example of these are: headlights/flashlights, lighters/matches, maple tap, rope, swiss knife, emergency drinking water, satellite radio, food[high calorie], medications, extra clothes and small tent.

7.) Smartphone

panoramictrip-blog-juanders-7-things-you-need-for-travel-7This is a primary necessity aside from food and water nowadays, from the moment we woke up in the morning till we fell asleep at night; smart phones are extension of our survival. Choose apps that will surely be useful for your travel such as; Google Maps, Snapchat, Tripcase, Currency, City Maps2Go and many more. On the other hand smartphones usually have helpful default apps such as Time Zone and Weather Update.

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

Nicole Kelvin

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

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