Hidden Gem in Bataan – Playa La Caleta


Bataan is known for its historical and iconic war participation in the time of Spaniards and Japanese invasion in the Philippines. Aside from its contribution to the war, it’s hard to believe that Bataan also offers tourism factor showcasing its nature’s beauty and irresistible charm in the hearts of tourists visiting the area.

We come across in a beautiful beach resort that is entirely hidden by this majestic island called Miguelito’s Island. The resort’s name is Playa La Caleta, unspoiled beach resort which seats in the area of Morong, Bataan.


To reach the resort you need to ride a boat to get there which you can rent from the beaches of Bagac, Bataan. Make sure to make a good deal with them in a round trip service. You can also inquire a boat rental in Playa La Caleta’s information booth in a cheaper price usually, the boat rental costs, Php 1500 – Php 1800 depends on the low season and peak season.

Upon entering the near shore of  Playa La Caleta, you will be greeted by Miguelito’s Island standing proud and tall. White sands will touch your feet once you dock the shore, beautiful pristine blue waters will captivate your heart engulfing the whole beach.


Surprisingly the entrance fee for the resort only costs Php. 200/pax for walk-ins and Php 300/pax. The restaurant is under construction and it will be finished by the end of 2017, meaning bringing foods will not cost you corkage fees, they will even cook the food for you.

The resort is perfect for unplugging yourself in all distractions from the busy life you have in the city. A one day stay on the island would make you think twice for they have numerous activities available such as kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, hiking, trekking, skimboarding, and surfing.


                      Gazebo Nippa Hut


Lobby / Information Booth


Here is the link to the activities with their prices on it: https://goo.gl/gWdQp6

The staffs are very accommodating and friendly for they will greet you a warm welcome, assisting your very needs and inquiries.

Surely the resort is a hidden gem in Morong Bataan and would want to go back again for more leisure time.

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

Nicole Kelvin

Loves adventure. Travel enthusiast.

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  • December 3, 2017 at 2:44 am

    Hi. Ask ko lang po if may contact number po kayo sa playa la caleta? Thank you po.


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