A Friendly Guide for Novice Hikers

Hiking is an outdoor activity that requires strength in walking on various trails in mountains and forest. It could be a short trek or an overnight camping and trekking is not something you can do once you think of it, a preparation should do beforehand. Check out some friendly reminders that every novice and veteran hikers should know:

Call your squad

Like the saying goes “The more, the merrier”, it is twice the fun and excitement when you bring friends with you. Hiking is a tiring and exhausting journey, having your friends with you will reduce the feeling of tiredness and probably have a talk with them throughout your journey is a great catch up especially for working squad.

Start exercising now

Hiking and long walk will surely tire out your muscles and when you are not used for long walks, you might get cramps and exhausted after a few hours. So I suggest starting some stretching and exercises to boost your stamina as a preparation for your hike.

Learn to read Maps

Maps are essential to hikers and trekkers, the technology today makes everything easy with Waze and google maps, but you won’t know when the signal will down or when your battery will run out. So better learn to read and use a topographic map.

Invest in your hiking gears

Hiking is something that you should invest to, investing in shoes that are appropriate to the type of trail you are going through is a must to remember. Hiking boots for muddy terrains and running shoes for dry trails, it helps to make your feet comfortable on long walks and keep you safe on slippery trails. As well as with the clothes you are wearing, make sure that it is comfortable and appropriate to the water, waterproof clothes are also a must to bring, in case it rains.

Don’t forget the essentials

Mountaineers don’t bring big bags just to show off or for the sake of photographs, they bring big bags because essentials don’t come in few. Map, compass, extra clothes, flashlight, first aid kit, knife, water, food, mosquito repellant and sunblock, are some of the many to put inside that big bag.

Clean Up

Make sure to bring your trash with you. Put out the fires before you leave (if you did camping or bonfire) leaving it might start a fire and lastly don’t take anything that isn’t yours, the mountains, the trees and plants are part of nature, don’t do anything that can harm them.

Hiking might be tiring but it could also be a form of healing to those who are from the city 24/7 with busking traffic and polluted air. Taking a hike to breathe some fresh air, unplugged from technology for a few hours and feed your eyes with green lush trees and plants is such a wonderful idea.

The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

Renaleth Landicho

The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

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