Five (5) Top Reasons to Love Zoobic Safari


Animals have been part of our lives from learning the alphabets and guessing those animals in posters and cards. Kids and kids-at-heart love to watch jungle and wildlife movies, where protagonist hugs a gorilla, feed and make friends with tigers, lions, and other wild animals. Wait! “Is it possible for me to take a selfie with a giant python snake or a baby tiger?  Can I feed them?” These questions are interesting and I have an answer.  You can be that kid or the protagonist who can go along with wild animals. Here in Zoobic Safari, it is possible!

Located at Subic Bay Freeport Zone Group 1, Ilanin Forest.  It is one of the most visited Amusement Parks in Subic Bay for schools and families for a lifetime memorable experience.  So whether you are brave or just feeling brave, everyone is welcome! Listed here are top reasons to love Zoobic Safari at its best:

  1. Savannah –imagine riding a car, brace yourself because you will be surrounded with tigers, wild boars, guinea fowls, and wild ostriches that may attempt to have a closer contact with you and your car, even to the point of a peck or two on your car window.
  2. Recreational Activities – very good for Team Building, Seminars, and Educational Tours. These Skysafari and wide-range attractions will awaken your adventure, you will surely enjoy.
  3. Exciting Forest Venture in Forbidden Cave – talking about braveness, well walk in a shaking hanging bridge and explore inside the cave the live and stuff animals where excitement and fun await.
  4. Great Filipino Delicacies – after the tiring and fun activities, no need to go far.   Buho Grill will provide you with Filipino dishes served in buho (Young bamboo splits), another unique eating experience.
  5. Photo Opportunity – this is what you should keep.  A picture taking with Giant Python Snake, Iguana Lizard, or Young Tiger while holding or feeding them. An instagram worth posting for.

Other activities and reasons to add to your Zoobic Safari Adventure are the Zoobic Cave, Animal Show, Aeta Trail Show, Rodent World, Croco Loco, Serpantarium, Zoobic Park and Tiger Safari, everything are worth the price for excitement and fun!

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The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

Renaleth Landicho

The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

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