6 Ways to Fight Technology Distraction While At Work

Whenever your phone vibrates and light up every few seconds because of notifications from Instagram and Facebook, do you find yourself holding your phone checking it? You didn’t notice that you’re on your phone for about 10 mins and more?

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives; alongside with all the benefits, we get from it there are also some contrary effects that make one’s productivity low. It distracts you from being focus on your task and with other consequences. With the trend of internet and technology, many employees are experiencing technology distraction, to help you bring out more of your skills, we listed some ways that could be a big help for you to overcome this technology distraction:

  1. Stay Focused

By knowing where to focus and what to priority while working makes you productive and meet your deadlines without rushing things.

  1. Set a goal

fight technology distraction

By setting a goal, you can finish a task on the right time and become even more productive. It feels like an achievement, indeed!

  1. Manage and put time limits on certain websites

For checking emails and visiting social media sites( especially if it’s part of your job) limit yourself because checking it once can lead you into scrolling it more and without knowing a lot of time is already wasted. You may check it during lunch break and break time.

  1. Put your phone in a silent mode and turn off unnecessary notifications

Turn your phone into silent mode so notifications won’t bother you while working (Facebook and Instagram notifications are also distractions.) Once your phone got a notification and your phone vibrates it will really catch your attention and it will provoke you to hold your phone and check it.

  1. Organize your inbox

Your inbox might be receiving tons of emails every day from newsletter subscriptions and social media notifications. Seeing it with tons of newsletter might feel you distracted and lazy, so many users tend to use a different email when it comes to newsletter subscriptions and make another email that contains priority emails.

  1. Turn off your online chat. 

fight technology distraction

If your work doesn’t require an internet connection, it’s better to just work offline. Turn off your online chat on Facebook and work on your task.

Technology serves a lot of purposes and it offers a wide array of uses.  Sometimes causes a contrary effect that isn’t healthy especially in a working environment.

It can cause low productivity and it also affects your ability to perform well. Another key to keep yourself away from this technology distraction is self-disciplined and those six tips should follow. Don’t let the technology cause your distraction and divert your attention into least important things.



The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

Renaleth Landicho

The girl who prepares her #OOTD more than her itinerary during travel.

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