Plan Your Travel In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Admit it or not, waiting for the long weekend or holidays are two of our favorite things to do every year. This is the time when we have the chance to forget our worries for a while and get along with family and friends, planning to go on out of town trip or by simply relaxing in a place where you can enjoy tranquility and state-of-the-art facilities of hotels and trying out some of the scrumptious meals in restaurants available in the Philippines.

To save more time and money, here are the three easy steps when planning your next trip in the Philippines.

1.Take advantage of a virtual tour or 360 views of every establishment.

Panoramictrip offers a virtual tour of hotels, restaurants and leisure parks in the Philippines that can help you to save more of your time. No need to go and check the facilities of hotels before reserving a room for you, our virtual tour service allows you to scrutinize the place, foods, and facilities it offers while on the go.

Meanwhile, establishments in the Philippines with the virtual tour are as follows:

Here’s our sample virtual tour of Ambassador in Paradise Resort, Boracay.

2. Reserve a room with trusted sites only, this is to prevent scammers and save more money.

Plan Your Travel In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Panoramictrip is affiliated with Travelbook since December 2016, one of the fastest growing travel e-commerce companies in the Philippines where each and every traveler can conveniently pay their reservation through the use of credit card or cash upon arrival to the hotel. Rest assured that your personal information is safe here with us.

3. Read and Share

Everything you need to know before reserving a room with family or friends are listed in every hotel page on our website, from reservation policy,  reviews of previous guests, number of persons allowed per room as well as the facilities and amenities available.


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judith martin

Writer. Digital Marketing Specialist. Risk-taker

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